Earthing Rods

These rods are formulated in two different manner- Externally threaded and internally threaded.

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At Vipul Copper we specialize in manufacturing externally threaded and internally threaded Copper Earth rod as per the market demand. Our Copper Earth rods are made from highly pure solid Copper composite to provide resolution to corrosion incident requirement.

The solid Copper Earth rods are made from highly pure oxygen free copper composites and can withstand almost any corrosion factor. Our ISO certified copper earth rods are in high demand across industrial, commercial and private segment.

Application of Solid Copper Earth Rods

  • Earthing
  • Submerge salt water stands
  • Acid dippers and more.

Earthing Rod

Rod Dia. mm Length in Ft Length in mm Internal Thread Dia.
12 4 1200 M8
12.5 4 1200 M8
14 4 1200 M10
14 5 1500 M10
15 4 1200 M10
15 5 1500 M10
16 4 1200 M10
16 5 1500 M10
19 4 1200 M10
19 5 1500 M10
20 4 1200 M10
20 4 1500 M10

Even though many of our products are standard items and of Standard BS Grade, we also make special tailor made products made exactly to the requirements of our customers in terms of Material Grade and Size.