Flexible Insulated Busbars and Copper Tapes

Time and Costs Saving on Installation of Bus Bars Supports, Electrical Insulators and Cables

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These are Copper Bus made from red copper laminate and are highly flexible with electron insulating property. With its highly robust nature our insulated Busbars can insulate electricity even in presence of aggressive environment. With over magnitude of utility in the electrical industry and application these insulated busbars are of high demand in market.

Some of the benefits of our Flexible insulated Busbars

  • Cost efficient
  • High conductivity and electricity carrying capacity
  • Time saving


  • Min 3 metre length
  • 1mm thickness
  • Laminates range 2-12

At Vipul Copper we also provide on request designed Busbar.

Some of our previous fulfilment

  • Tin Coated Flexi-bar
  • Halogen free insulation
  • Insulation Busbar for 125℃
  • Length of Busbars above 3 meter
  • Bend and ribbed Busbar as per customer design

With high insulating property our Flexible insulating Busbar has been meeting consumer and industrial demand across all electrical and electronic segments.

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