Copper Nuggets


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These are copper anode with high demand in industrial usage because of its oxygen free property. Ranging between the diameter of 11 to 20mm and length between 10-400 and 20-400 mm it has got high utility in production field of consumer goods.

At Vipul Copper we manufacture all our nuggets in Up-Cast procedure, with highly pure   CU-OF copper. We also manufacture phosphorus based Copper anode nuggets by homogenously blending phosphorus in molten Copper. These phosphorus blended Copper nuggets are of high demand in electrical application like PCB, because of its disposition property. With phosphorus content from 0.04% to 0.06% these Cu-DXP nuggets are ideal for acidic bath.

Technical DataTable

Typical Analysis

  Oxygen Free (Cu-OF)
% Cu 99.9 >
% P 10 < PPM


Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
(mm) (inch) (mm) (inch)
11 0.315 10-400 0.39 – 15.75
12,5 0.492 10-400 0.39 – 15.75
20 0.787 20-400 0.39 – 15.75

Copper Nuggets