At Vipul Coppers, we believe thata key to success is to assemble and build a strong management team. We feel that our management is a reflection of how our employees treat our customers.Hence, at Vipul we foster an environment of continuous training and development to our employees. That, we believe can help our employees to enhance their skills and performance at work.

Here’s a brief to our five pillars of our strong management.

Our employees at product fabrication unit are trained on diverse copper fabrication processes. Be it in machining, stamping, forming, polishing, we train our employees to perform each processes skilfully with significant system use knowledge.

At our production control departments, our employees are trained with the knowledge of controlling as well as monitoring our manufacturing operations across our production place. We follow employee empowerment techniques to ensure that our department’s employees can independently implement strategic decisions at the time of production of regulation of the output. This is critically important to have a reasonable assurance that our production specifications are addressed.

In our storage units, our employees are trained with a delicate and safe handling of our copper products to store the products at a secured place. We understand the cost of maintenance, and ensure storing our copper products with highly advanced technology solutions.

In our quality testing unit, we maintain a squad of highly experienced hands of technocrats who maintain stringent testing processes to determine the quality of the copper products under production. Not just internally, we also invite external auditors to test our products and confirm their quality with validated certifications.

Lastly, our administration department, provides strict governance to the business operations to ensure their right functioning and production. Our core administration department team comprising of Human resource, Finance, supply chain and sales professionals address the functions of their concerned department, to meet the organization’s business goal.